Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has now become very popular due to its effectiveness, briefness and simplicity. This well known and respected video explains what CBT is and how it can help.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, is a form of intervention widely used in psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching.

CBT provides the right tools and support to engage a powerful process of change without wasting a massive amount of time and energy.

The reason why CBT is so popular is simple: it works incredibly well. A good amount of scientific research shows how effective CBT is in helping people solve problems and experience positive outcomes.


CBT is aimed at changing patterns of thinking and behaviour that keep us stuck and prevent us from overcoming the obstacles we face.

First, CBT intervenes on our thoughts. The way we think influences our lives, because it defines how we understand and intepret the world and the events. In this sense, our thinking pattern can be imagined as a pair of glasses that allows us to see the world in a certain way. It is useful to work on our thoughts and beliefs to deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, and others. Let’s say I have low self-esteem and my thoughts about myself are unrealistically negative: I believe I’m a worthless person, whose needs are irrelevant and whose opinions uninteresting. First, CBT allows me to be aware of these thoughts and the negative impact they have on my life. Then, CBT helps me address my limiting beliefs and challenge them effectively.

CBT also intervenes on our behaviour. Our behaviour has a big influence on our lives, our feelings and our happiness. In fact, our behaviour creates outcomes that can be either positive or negative. CBT makes sure that we experience less negative outcomes and more positive ones. Let’s say I have low self-confidence and I avoid public speaking. My avoidance is caused by my low self-confidence, but, at the same time, my avoidance reinforces my low self-confidence, creating a vicious circle in which I’m stuck. CBT allows me to address my behaviour in small steps, in order to experience positive outcomes and to react constructively to external events and circumstances.


CBT is extremely flexible.

It can be applied to either severe issues or more practical problems. It can address a variety of unpleasant situations, such as stress, anger, troublesome emotions, procrastination and others. If you are looking for an effective way to improve your life, overcome your obstacles and achieve a state of satisfaction, CBT or cognitive behavioural coaching are certainly clever options!


Start discovering CBT now!

Read Mind Over Mood to know more about CBT and benefit from its tools.

This hugely popular best-seller explains clearly what CBT is about and how to start applying its techniques on yourself. In an easy-to-read fashion, this book explains how to deal with unpleasant emotions like anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and shame. It teaches you how to set goals, implement change and notice improvement. You will be guided in assessing and challenging your thinking and behaviour. Finally, you’ll learn how to maintain your gains and create the right circumstances to experience more happiness.


Giorgio Aprile

I am an experienced CBT therapist, life coach and counsellor

I have been working in private practice for years. I have also worked in private clinics and the NHS.

Although I specialise in the treatment of stess and anxiety, I have worked successfully with a variety of issues, such as low self-esteem, trauma and depression.

I have undertaken extensive professional training in both university settings and private colleges.

I am based in London (Balham SW12). I practice face-to-face and via Skype/FaceTime/telephone.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society and a full member of the Association for Coaching.

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